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Bruno Houdayery Mireia Pou

Bruno Houdayer, 46 years old, French artist and photographer of the «Village d’Auteuil» based in Paris.

Bruno Houdayer is a french visual artist and creative designer. He has over 15 years of experience in the visual, design and creative fields.
After 7 years working as audiovisual projects manager in a Parisian agency, he started freelancing as a photographer and designer alongside Véronique Delacour (Alverone), a French creative designer in the luxury goods sector (event lighting and creation of photographic visuals, window displays, backdrops for events, etc). As assistant photographer to Jean-Charles Recht —a renowned, French photographerspecializing in perfume, cosmetics and beauty photography (Chanel, Dior, Yves Saint-Laurent, Armani)— he took a two-year Master Class in Studio Still-Life Photography in Paris. In the last 10 years he has been working as a professional photographer on commissionned works in the luxury, design & architecture fields.

Bruno Houdayer defines himself as a visual author rather than a photographer. He uses photography as a media through which his creativity produces abstraction with figurative patterns. He questions the essence and the function of an image by drawing the viewer into the image. He saturates the colors, he blurs the lines, he focuses on the geometry. He wants the viewer to questions his own way of looking at things to make him aware of his own perception. His own process of perception came during his childhood when he created his own images hidden in a closet and peeking through a keyhole. He discovered that the world through a frame is an image that can make sense, and this can bring emotion. Since then, he tries to keep this awareness alive and share it with the others.

From 2009 until 2012, he based himself in Barcelona attracted by the light and the colors of the city. Influenced by the works of Klein, Rothko and Kandinsky, he pushed as far as possible the quest for perfect forms and explores the emotions conveyed by colors. This results in the series Soft, Concrete Wave, Sea Sky and In the White. Some of these images echo the sacralised light that goes through the stained glasses of churches he went to as a child. He wants to absorb the life and energy of the natural elements he captures. It might be the magnificent structured cells of a green leaf, or the multicoloured layers of soils of a cliff. It could also be the marks men leave behind them : the cracking of cement, the concrete blocks emerging from the sea.

Main exhibitions
2019 january «Voyage au coeur des Mains» - Vincennes Townhall
october 19-20-21 Art Shopping caroussel du Louvre Paris
october 2018 Paris Open Days exhibition at Seiziem’Art Association, Paris 16th district
‘‘Soft Summer’’ SOFITEL Paris la Défense until 31st of august 2018
- Open Days exhibition at Seiziem’Art Association, Paris 16th 2017
- october Salon de la Photo - invited artist & brand ambassador Chromaluxe Europe Paris
- october joint exhibition, PARISARTISTES#, with Townhall Paris - France
- october Open Days exhibition at Seiziem’Art Association, Paris 16th
- april collaborated exhibition ‘‘Portraits of Mudras»- MD Bleuler, Abbey St Jacut de la Mer
- joint exhibition, JANSEN Gallery, Paris - France
- joint exhibition at The Month of Photography, IZARTEA Gallery, Bayonne – France
- invited to a joint exhibition at European Heritage Days in Moulin de Montjeu - Autun / Bourgogne - France
- joint exhibition ’’VIBRATION’’with painter Ariel Rozowy, Mgallery Collection Hotel Molitor Paris
- exhibition & performance, VOZ ‘Galerie & Carré sur Seine, Courtyard MARRIOTT Hotel, Boulogne - France
- exhibition in the famous art institution ‘‘Le Hublot d’Ivry’’ (porthole of Ivry)
2013 group exhibition and revelation of the year with VOZ Gallery, and the town of Boulogne-Billancourt - 2012 the International Exhibition of Cultural Heritage - Carrousel du Louvre / Paris
2011 exhibition ‘‘ENERGY’’ Gallery Art Studio Concept, Bordeaux & Gallery Bokaz - Paris
2010 exhibition ‘‘Energy of the City of St Denis’’ with Dijana Melvan artist - Archaeological Unit of the City of Saint-Denis

Main Commissioned works / publications
- designed Limited edition for the french « Neyrat Umbrella » brand with Isabel Marin designer
- designed photographs for DTZ & AREA PROPERTY French headquarters - Paris - 2009-10
- designed several photographs for shop display Windows, Brands : Grand Marnier and Imperial Japonese luxury pastry Toraya, Alverone
- designed 2 Fine Art Books : ’’Les Jardins de Renaudie’’ & ’’Sculptures de Passage’’ with Djiana Melvan, Serbian Sculptor, Philanthropy Group DCF
- Designed cover for rock ‘n roll ’’Hunger band album Go Johnny Go’’
Awards : 2012 selected amongst the best 20 french photographers of ATELIER D’ART french fine art & craft magazine
Bruno Houdayer provides custom art consulting services to designers and architects.