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ENERGIA : empremta i vibració de Catalunya (Energy : inprint and vibration of Catalonia)

"Respirons la poésie des couleurs... !" © Bruno Houdayer -Photographie d'art - Paris


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Photography collection

The project is based on 10 fine art photographs realized on spanish catalan seaside.

realisation : Camera : hasselblad & digital Back original optical blurred photographs with (for some pictures) special graphic colors effects exclusively realized during shooting by positioning close to the amera lens colored objects found on the beach (pink glasses, colored straw cocktail ...)

The why Unconditional lover since childhood of Spain, i decided in 2009 to move to Catalonia in Barcelona for 3 years, to continue my research around the natural light, colors and textures. Energy transmited by Catalan Mediterranean coast offered me deep specific artistic series. « ENERGIA » is one of them.

I felt a strong connection with the energy and serenity of the catalan seasides. One precious alchemy especially compouned with nature’s beauty, the warmth and strength of people and the power and variety of the artistic history of this region.

One day, experimenting new abstract composition with the « Blue » of mediteranea I felt submerged in a unique creative energy, a moment of grace crossing me deep, pushing me to accomplished art. All was here, few steps arround me, this collection was born.

“ENERGIA” is a pictorial photography vision showing seaside under new balances and movements. A sharing of emotional and visual feeling imprint, a sharing of a bright colorful inner and outer peaceful universe. « This collection is for me a unique invitation to discover photos on the edge of the figurative and the abstract : a thin thread connecting all artistics movements which animates catalonia… » A deep creative and metaphysical visions, like the magnificient natural reserves of Catalonia this exhibition will be a free virgin and protected space offered to the imagination and soul of the public, a tribute to subtle energies and life which irise Catalonia.

© Bruno Houdayer -Photographie d'art - Paris

#arbre  #architecture  #bord de mer  #flou  #mer  #plage  #plastique  #reflet


© Bruno Houdayer -Photographie d'art - Paris

#arbre  #architecture  #bord de mer  #flou  #mer  #plage  #plastique  #reflet


© Bruno Houdayer -Photographie d'art - Paris


© Bruno Houdayer -Photographie d'art - Paris


© Bruno Houdayer -Photographie d'art - Paris


© Bruno Houdayer -Photographie d'art - Paris